Resume Writing Resources

These are the handouts and presentation

Resume Template

This is a fill-in the blank template for writing resumes.


Powerpoint Presentation

This is the presentation that an employer from Fenwick and West presented at our October 14 resume writing workshop.


UC Berkeley Resume Writing Tips

This is complete packet of great resume's. It contains a complete guide for writing your own resume.


Resume Writing Materials from Feb 24 2018 Resume Workshop

A slide presentation by Mr. Tandun


Interview Skill Resources

Questions relating to behavior

This is a set of questions relating to behavior which are great ways to practice for job interviews and college interviews.


Questions to practice for college interviews

This is a set of college interview questions which are helpful to practice with for college!


This is the presentation we used at our 10/27 college workshop

You can look at this to catch up or review! Presented by Habib Sahar.


Great Job Interview Questions

Questions to practice for a job interview